google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit

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google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit | Download google chrome for windows:

google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit welcome to our site, as we all know the internet is becoming very popular these days. People daily spend hours on the internet. The Internet is becoming a necessary thing today. As most of the work is done on the internet. So we need something powerful, something easy to use to browser internet hassle free. We provide a direct link below for google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit

google chrome download windows 7- Download google chrome for windows


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  • Features
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Browser works as a vehicle, which carries you in the internet world. Suppose you are driving a car to reach your home. now you need a smooth with good speed and easy handling? Same is the case with the internet browser. You need a powerful and smooth browser. There are many browsers available to us today. Like Mozilla, chrome, safari, UC, Opera etc. Today we tallk about google chrome and provide you a direct link so you can download perfect version of google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit. This is one of the best internet browser available today from Google. It has large no. of plugins available which you can use. Which makes your work easier. Like Grammarly extension which improves your writing. and many other plugins.


google chrome is a web browser developed by Google. The first version of google chrome is released on September 2, 2008, For windows only. Now google chrome is available for most of the platforms like for Android, Linux and of course for windows. Nowadays google chrome is the most famous and widely used internet browser. It occupies about 66 % market. It is an open source software. But not like Mozilla. It provides you many safety features like it blocks unnecessary ads, malware, viruses. Chrome has many amazing plugins for WordPress to make it more easy to use.

WHY CHOOSE GOOGLE CHROME: Features of Google Chrome

  1. Task Manager- It has its own task manager. Using this you can easily check which app or website is using more memory and clear memory. So that chrome can work faster for you.
  2. shortcuts for websites- You can create shortcuts of your favorite sites to the homepage of your browser. To access your fav. site easily. This feature is also available in Mozilla and UC browser.
  3. Incognito mode- You can go incognito on google chrome. When you start incognito mode. Your browser saves no history and  Password, recent websites etc. Many other browsers also feature this mode. But chore is very fast.
  4. Bookmarks – Store bookmarks of your favorite websites. And access them easily from your home screen. You just simply create a bookmark and visit that web page whenever you need.
  5. Data saver mode – Chrome loads website faster when you enable data saver mode on. Saves your data and make your web pages mobile friendly. So you can easily navigate throughout the website.
  6. One box search- chrome introduce this single tab for both web search and local browsing history. Which make super easy to navigate. Previously we have to navigate. many pages to reach history page.
  7. Tabs- Create a tab menu of your favorite sites on the home page of the browser
google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit- Download google chrome for windows:

Chrome is one of the best internet browser available today. It’s free and available for Smartphone as well as for windows. Its easy and powerful functioning makes it very likable by the users. It is created by Google. And of course, once again Google has done an incredible job. The best part is its completely free like other Google products. It occupies about 60% market.

Now many people ask how to download it. They confuse between so many versions. So today we provide you the direct download link to get google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit- Download google chrome for windows.

Steps to google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit

Step 1: Visit the official page and hit on the download button.


Step2– Now click on the install button to start the download.


Step 3– Now download starts. After download complete click on the “show in folder”.


Step 4– When you open show in folder. Its .exe file opens through which you can start installing chrome.


Step 5- Double click on the Setup file. Further download starts.


chrome-download-for-windows 8.1

Step 6– The file downloaded file is only the setup file now you have to download the full browser so wait for it to download.


Step 7– After download finishes, It starts to install.


Step 8– This is Your brand new google chrome browser. Enjoy the fast, secure and more reliable internet browser.


google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit:

Sometimes you face little difficulty while downloading from the official site. First, you have to download the .exe file and then it starts actual download. So to overcome this we provide you the direct links below so you can download it in a single click. Just select your windows version and hit the download button.

google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit:


Android smartphones have this pre-installed as you know android and chrome is of Google. So you don’t have to download it. Its regular updates rolling out which improves its stability and functioning.

google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit: Download links

Google Chrome Windows 64 Bit (Online Installer) 1.07 MB   Download

Google Chrome Windows 64 Bit (Standalone Offline Installer) 55 MB  Download

Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-bit | 48.6 MB Download

Google Chrome Web 32-bit | 1.08 MB Download

google chrome download for windows 10 64 bit- Download google chrome for windows 7:

Hit the download links which we provide above to start your download and surf the internet in a more better way. Secure and simple. we hope you get all the necessary information about chrome. If you have any suggestion or query leave us a comment or you can email us. If you still face any problem let us know. We try to solve your problem.

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