How to write a blog and make money from It

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how to write a blog and make money from it :

Do you ever dream of building a website or starting a Blog? If yes then this article is for you. Today we tell you how to write a blog.No professional skills needed, No programing language you have to learn just basic computer knowledge is enough. You will be surprised After knowing that many of the famous bloggers are also just like you when they start there blog. But their passion and curiosity to learn new things daily to help them to build their successful blog. And today they are not only famous but also earn good amount from there to write a blog

how to write a blog:

I know many of you want to create your blog just to earn money. They just blindly follow some big bloggers and think that just by posting some articles can help them to earn fame and money. But Dear readers that’s not true, that’s not just some articles. For a successful blog, You have to write quality articles and quality articles need hard work and passion. Don’t think that if you are a good content writer you can then be famous instantly. Learn how to write a blog below.

Many bloggers like the famous one‘s Harsh Agarwal spent about 9-10 years to reach this milestone. So hard work + passion is the key to becoming a successful blogger. When I started my blog I have no money and no Higher knowledge About blogging or programming. But I am very passionate about this. So I started searching on the internet about this. And by learning from From internet I created my first blog. Today I tell you about my experience and what steps I take to start my blog without higher knowledge or money. Once when you enter into the field of blogging you have to work hard and learn from other bloggers. Remember “every day is a learning day” So let’s get started.
To start a blog you need 3 things-

1.Field of interest
1.Domain name

That’s it you just need these three things. let’s talk about them in details as you are a beginner you need to learn everything in detail.

1.FIELD OF INTEREST how to write a blog

Before starting your blog. We need to choose our field of interest. By field of interest, I mean you have to choose on which topic you can write articles, in which field you are good, in which field you have good knowledge and interest. Choose your category of interest. For example, how to start a lifestyle blog, if you love travelling you can start a travelling blog. Tell others about your experiences, Suggest them the best places to visit. Or if You know about mobiles or gadgets you can reviews them or compare them and suggest the best one to the people. You can do your best only if you have an interest in that field so first, you have to choose your field of interest.


2.DOMAIN NAME how to start a blog

Now you have selected your field of interest, its time to buy a domain name. Domain name is your website’s address. Let me tell through an example. Suppose one of your friend is coming to your home today. But what if he doesn’t know your address. First, you have to tell your address to your friend in a proper way so that he can come directly to your home. Just like this in the world of internet website/blog is your home and domain name is your address. You can buy domain name simply in about 99rs. Choose a good domain name that relates to your blog. For example, is a website about gadgets.

So you have to choose it wisely. You can buy it from Godaddy or Bigrock. These are These are the leading companies in domain name providers and costs you about 99rs per domain for one-year validity. If you dont want to buy domain name right now its ok you can go with they provide you free domain and free hosting but this works only if are just learning now. If you are serious about blogging then I recommend you to buy a .com domain.

Also, check how to submit URL to google


3.HOSTING how to write a blog

Ok, so you have chosen your field and domain name its like you have chosen Societ and name of your house to build. Now you have to purchase land to start construction. Just like building the house you need hosting which works as land for your website. In the next step of how to write a blog, we talk about hosting. Hosting is the place where all your website’s construction takes place. If you go with then you don’t need to buy any hosting but I suggest you to go with WordPress because it is easy and so many plugins Which helps you a lot in future are available for free. Many Professional bloggers use WordPress even I also use WordPress. If you don’t know what we are talking about don’t worry We tell you everything in this article. Ok, so you have to purchase hosting to provide construction land to your website. You can get any good hosting at very low cost. As a beginner, you can choose hosting which costs you as low as Rs 25. Check these websites for low cost hosting Vapourhost,  Hostinger.

Chose wisely

In starting you don’t need to spend too much on hosting IF you are just learning about how to write a blog save your money to buy hosting in future. Now its time to choose Architect to start building your website and these architect’s are the websites which provide you the interface to start editing your website. Now it’s your time to take control in your hand and start building your website in whatever way you like just make it simple and easy to navigate as Google prefer simple and easy to navigate websites. I Hope these steps give you an idea of how to start a blog and what important things you need to start.

how to start a blog

So these are the important things which you need to start a blog. Go through this article and think about it. And fold your sleeves because now you have the basic knowledge to enter into the blogging world.
Hope you like the article. for any query or suggestion write us in the comment section. We reply with 2hrs.

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    How much money i can earn from blogging tell me genuinely.

    • manishkmr4888@gmail.comSeptember 14, 2018Reply

      Blogging is not only for money making its a part of it but blogging needs passion.

  • MasterzepSeptember 19, 2018Reply

    One of my favorite ways to get readers to my blog is to post links on my social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This is great, because not only do your friends see the link, but if your friends share the link with their friends it automatically multiplies your readers. If you have created high-quality content on your blog then social media is a great way for your blog to go viral.

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